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Bachelor Degree B.S.C. in Hotel Management

(3-years Bachelor Degree in Hotel Management)

DEGREE AWARDED BY : Recognized University, AICTE and UGC Approved

A student with BSc in Hotel Management program gets edge over others when it comes to find a promising job in hospitality industry. As a matter of fact, leading hotel chains hire brilliant minds of this sector for prestigious posts like managers, administrators and many others. So, it is quite clear this choice will surely help to make a wonderful career while earning a handsome amount as monthly salary. Story does not end here as administration keeps promoting them to the higher posts. And, it is a great reason to feel delighted that sky is the limit. More skills you acquire with the course time higher posts you get. AIHM is the best choice to consider if you are planning to pursue this course as we always train students in a highly-effective manner while maintaining all international standards. In addition, our faculty members must try best efforts to make scholars the top expert in R& D operations, human resource management, marketing and other related activities. Obviously, BSc in hotel management is the right choice if looking for the best course to pursue thus do not look at alternatives. Wrong decision in this regard might cause different kinds of problems to compromise on various terms. Nevertheless, the duration for this course is 60 weeks which are divided into three study terms. Three additional periods of 3-6 months for industry training in Hospitality Industry are also part of the program